Breaking News: ASUU Annuls Proposed Indefinite Strike

FG Settled ASUU Against Indefinite Strike

The issue of indefinite strike in Nigerian Universities by ASUU over lack of funding of the Universities and payment of lecturers is not a new thing in Nigeria.

After the meeting between the Federal Government Of Nigeria and Academic Staff University Union (ASUU), FG has reached an agreement with ASUU through IPPPS System and the sum of #15.5 billion naira was given to ASUU to okays the strike.

The Chairman of Academic Staff University Union (ASUU) on behalf of the entire members expressed their gratitude to the Federal Government for responding to their proposal.
However, he went further to tell Federal Government Of Nigeria that the money given to them is not going to be enough to pay lecturers and fund the universities.

No lecturer in Nigerian Universities earns more than #500,000, he said.
This is to say that Nigerian University lecturers are not valued in the country, he added.
We have not totally cancelled the strike but we urge FG to come to our aid so that the strike action will be invalid.
We have no joy seeing our children staying at home for days and months because of strike. 
It is also affecting us because most of our children are in the University.

Is clear that most of the Federal Government children are outside the country studying that is why they feel less concerned over our demands.
On behalf of the Union, we are calling on Federal Government Of Nigeria to honour our demands and pay our lecturers for more educational proficiency.

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