How To Make Popcorn At Home | learningground

How To Make Popcorn At Home | learningground

Ingredients For Making Popcorn Are:-
1. Yellow corn 2 cups (cigarette)
2. Groundnut oil little
3. Flavour little
4. Butter little
5. Sugar or salt as needed

Method Of Preparation
Get your kerosene stove or gas cooker, light fireon it, put a pot, either special put for frying pop corn or ordinary pot we use in cooking food.

Put groundnut oil and flavour, allow to warm like about 2 minutes so that the butter can melt.
When this is done, put yellow corn and allow the corn to pop.
When the corn start popping, you will now have to start turning, continue turning till the corn is well popped, then add sugar or salt to it , and turn immediately just like 30 seconds, then remove it from the pot and pour it out immediately, then your pop corn is ready for consumption and distribution.

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