Ways To Clear Sunburns From Your Face And Skin (Skin burn Remedies)

What Is Sunburn?
Sunburn is a state where person's skin or face get burnt due to chemical reaction in his or her body.
Sunburn can irritate and cause body scratch. There are chemicals such as Hydroquinone responsible for sunburn or skin burn inside and outside the body.
How to get rid of skin burn

When someone fails to use proper soap or cream on his or her body, it can damage the skin, thereby making the skin to turn to black color.

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Too much of rubbing of different types of cream on the body can cause skin burn.
Do not rub any cream with Ultraviolet Ray's protection because as you go under the sun, your skin will change to another colour.

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What To Do So As To Protect Yourself From Sun burns or Skin burns
1. Avoid using cream with Hydroquinone
2. Avoid bleaching creams and soaps
3. Use sun protective creams and soap
4. Do not walk under the sun always
5. Do not wear clothes that will make you sweat

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How To Clear Skin burns
1. Eat fruits Everytime
2. Always apply cold water on the affected area
3. Don't apply any cream on the affected area
4. Apply lemon on the area three times per day for one week ( fast clear)
5. Use only lemon or carrot soaps to bath
6. Apply Aloe vera on the area all the time
7. Also apply cucumber on the area.

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