How To Stay Safe And Protect Your Self From Coronavirus

How To Stay Safe And Protect Your Self From Coronavirus

Coronavirus informations

Table Of Contents
1. What is Coronavirus (Covid19)?
2. Why is Coronavirus called Covid19?
3. What is the full meaning of Covid19?
4. How does this virus works?
5. What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?
6. How to prevent Coronavirus
7. How to Cure Coronavirus

What Is Coronavirus?

    Coronavirus is a disease caused by virus when when enters the body, damage all the immune , tissues and organs of the body.
The virus is more deadly than HIV/AIDS and Ebola virus.
         Coronavirus was in 1919, which later disappeared.
The virus had killed millions of people all over the world and up till now, the scientists had not discovered its cure.

Why Is Coronavirus called Covid19?

Coronavirus is called Covid19 because it first started in 1919 and appear again in 2019.
So the World Health Organization (WHO) named it Covid19 in short abbreviation.

What Is the full meaning of Covid19?

Covid19 means:
Co: Corona
Vi: Virus
D: Disease
19: 1919 or 2019

How does this virus works?

   The virus when enters the body , weakens the immune system of the body. It also destroy the organs of the body. It makes sure it destroy the organs and tissues functioning in your body.
After that, it destroys the cells fighting against diseases in the body system which now weakens the body resulting to dead cells.

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?

Below are symptoms of Coronavirus
1. Weakness of the body
2. Severe headache
3. Hotness of the body
4. Hard cough
5. High fever
6. Body shivering
7. Pains in breathing
8. Loss of Appetite
9. Loss of Weight or Emaciation

How to prevent Coronavirus

Below are ways to prevent the spread of Coronavirus as directed by World Health Organization:
1. Keep social distances, avoid too much gathering
2. Always wear your nose mask everywhere you go
3. Wash your hands always
4. Don't put your hands in your mouth
5. Wear hand gloves when necessary.

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How to cure Coronavirus

This cure is tested and trusted.
Get a garlic and ginger, peel off their backs and grind them. After grinding, boil hot water and put them inside the hot water. Put your face closer to the hot water to inhale the scent along side with the steam for 30 minutes.
Do this 3 times per day for 7 days ( one week). You are cured from Coronavirus disease forever.

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