Solving Questions in Physics on Power, Workdone, Frequency, Wave And Time

Before we move to solving Questions, let's look at the explain of some certain words.
1. Power: Power is the workdone per time taken. SI unit of power is Watts.
2. Workdone (Energy): Workdone is the amount of energy exerted on an object with force and the distance it reaches. SI unit of Work (energy) is joules
3. Frequency: Frequency is the occurrence of waves length.
4. Wave: Wave is the up and down movement of object in create or trough
5. Time: Time is measure in seconds.

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Question 1

If 160waves pass through a point of a medium in 40 seconds, Frequency is 
Formula: F=h/t
Where f is the frequency
h represents lander which is the wave length
t is the time taken
F= 160/40= 4Hz

Question 2

If a pump can lift 200k of water through a height of 6m in 10 seconds, then it's poepo is
Formula is Power=workdone/time
But remember Workdone=force x distance
W=fxd which is w= 200x6=1200kgm
We will change 1200kgm to joules
Recall 1kgm=1joules=0.1
To convert it to joules, we will divide by 0.1 
Therefore 1200/0.1= 12000.
Then P=w/t
P= 12000/10= 1200
P= 1200 Watts

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