Requirements For 2020 JAMB (UTME) Examination, Prof. Is-haq Olarewaju Oloye (Jamb Registrar) Declared

There are things 2020 jamb candidates supposed to do in order to pass 2020 jamb examination.
       On the last meeting at Abuja, the jamb registra, Professor Ishaq Olarewaju Oloye revealed the secrets to success of jamb examination this year, 2020.
He furthermore explained how candidates are going to behave in order to participate in this year Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) without any problem between the securities and the candidates or centre.

We closed 760 centres last year because of examination malpractices like using answers into the examination hall or centre, using of phones, scientific calculators, and a lots of impersonating materials into jamb examination.
  Earlier this year, we also banned 223 centres for jamb registeration this year because of the high charges they incurred on candidates during jamb registeration.
The jamb form is between 3500 to 4000 and registeration fee is 700 to 1000, so any centre that charge more than this amount mentioned above is disrespecting the jamb authorities and therefore should be reported.

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       He thereby announced to the candidates to report any unnecessary charges from anyone or any jamb CBT centre to nearest Jamb office or you can let us know here by leaving a comment below.

Requirements for 2020 Jamb Examination.

1. You must be hard working which involves reading your books consistently. Jamb examination is not as simple as ABCD not where you just point on any option so by mistakenly you get the answer. Study to show your self approved in jamb examination.
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2. You must have at least 5 credits in your five relevant subjects. Combination of results are allowed but maximum of two sitting is acceptable.
3. On that your Examination day, you must obey the securities, invigilators, supervisors and instructions from jamb displaying on the face of your computer.
4. Don't be faster than your shadow, don't start when you are not permitted to do so.
5. Read instructions carefully before you start and any thing you don't understand notify the invigilators by raising your hand without talking remember the CCTV CAMERA are mounted everywhere so if you stand up from your position when you are not told to do so, we will take you as an intruder and we will cancel your examination and your result this year, so be warned.
6. Finally be punctual to your examination centre you are assigned to. Make sure you reprint your jamb examination slip to know the date and venue to write your exam.
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Try everything possible to keep to the instructions above and you will pass this year jamb examination successfully.

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