How To Make A Potato Whitening Soap

In this lesson, I am going to unveil to you how to make a potatoe whitening soap.
    Potato soap is used to increase the fairness of the skin.
Note: The soap is not a bleaching soap.
The soap is recommended for clearing of pimples, darkspots, rouch skin etc.

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This teaching is going to help you so much by showing you how to make potato soap at home by your self

How To Produce A Potato Whitening Soap

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1. Take a potato and grind it
2. Squeeze out the juice in a bowl
3. Take a dove soap and grind it also and put it in a bowl
4. Now add three tea spoon potato juice in the dove soap
5. Add a table spoon of aloe vera gel
6. Add a table spoon of almond oil
7. Mix it well
8. Now melt this mixture with double boiler process or on fire
9. Now pour this liquid soap in a glass or package
10. Leave it to dry
11. After 5 to 6 hours, your soap is ready for use

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