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JAMB Mathematics Syllabus 2020

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1) Number bases
a. Operations in different number bases from 2 to 10
b. Conversion from one base to another including fractional parts
2) Fractions, Decimals, Approximations and Percentages
a. Fractions and Decimals
b. Significant figures
c. Decimal places
d. Percentage errors
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e. Simple Interest
f. Profit and loss
g. Ratio, proportion and rate
3) Indices, Logarithms and Surds
4) Sets
5) Polynomials
6) Variation
7) Inequalities
a. Linear Inequalities
b. Quadratic Inequalities
8) Progression
a. Nth term of a progression
b. Sum of A.P and G.P
9) Matrices and determinants
10) Euclidean Geometry
a. Angles and Lines
b. Polygons, Circles, quadrilaterals and Chords
11) Mensuration
12) Trigonometry
a. Trigonometric ratios of angles and Bearing
b. Angles of Elevation and Depression
c. Sine and Cosine Formulae
13) Calculus
14) Statistics
a. Representation of data
b. Measures of location
c. Measures of dispersion
15) Probability
16) Permutation and Combination

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