How To Remove Pimples And Dark Spots On Your Face ( K. BROTHERS SOAP)

Ways To Take Proper Care Of Your Face
 Hi Everyone, in this lesson, we will be looking at how to remove pimples and darkspots on your face.
      We have so many ways to remove them but am going to give you a quick secret.
All these mentioned above are gotten from the kind of cream and soap we use.
Many people uses harmful soaps on their skin.
This lesson will help you learn how to remove and take good proper care of your face because face is what attracts people to your body.
When the face is not good looking, people won't associate with you, especially for single ladies.
Some makeups contains chemical substances that are not good for the face and skin, thereby damaging the face and given it another look.
Ladies know how to use makeups, so that it will not cause harmful effect on your face.

Cause of Pimples And Dark Spots on Face 
1. Too much oil on the face
2. Using cream without protective chemical when exposed to the sun
3. Not washing the face carefully or regularly
4. Using harmful object on the face
5. Scratching sponge on your face when taking your bath, avoid it.

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Ways (Remedies) To Take Proper Care Of Your Face
1. Avoid too much oil on the face by rubbing powder for oily face people
2. Don't use any cream you like and don't use the cream that will change your original colour to avoid skin cancer. Make sure the cream you are using contains protective ingredients and most especially NAFDAC number
3. Wash your face at least three times in a day to remove the olf chemical in your face
4. Avoid harmful object near your face
5. Don't use sponge to scratch your face when bathing, it causes pimples that leads to darkspots.

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Quick Ways To Remove And Clear Pimples And Dark Spots On Your Face With K. BROTHERS SOAP
We all know that the outcome of pimples on face leads to darkspots.
       Before bathing, rub gentle the soap mixed with water on your face especially the affected part for 30 minutes and leave it for like an hour, wash it out and take your bath.
Take your bath three times a day with k brothers soap for seven days and the pimples and dark spots will clear off instantly.

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